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1924 WEED BRAND CHAINS XMAS AD – By: M. J. Frumkin

Better check the date on your calendar, as the annual dilemma of what to get Dad for Christmas is rapidly approaching. More than 90 years ago, the American Chain Co. of Connecticut offered a unique alternative to neckties, eau de cologne, argyle socks and the proverbial briar pipe.

First published in a 1924 issue of the Automobile Trade Journal, the featured advertisement promotes Weed brand tire chains as, “The gift which Completely expresses the spirit of Christmas – good will to men and peace on earth that comes from SECURITY!”

Dad will “appreciate your tribute to him as a careful, intelligent driver,” with a gift that “makes motoring safe for himself, his family and all those who use the streets and highways.”

The ad further encouraged retail merchandise buyers to contact their jobber and stock up on Weed De Luxe tire chains (33 X 4.5-inch) in time for the seasonal rush.

As an incentive to stores, the manufacturer provided colorful door decorations that featured a lithographed Santa Claus toting a sack full of toys for kids, and bags of Weed chains for adults.

Supporting this wintertime campaign, American Chain ran a full-page advertisement for Weed products in the Dec. 6, 1924, Saturday Evening Post magazine for Weed, which would have been seen by hundreds of thousand of readers.
Many, I imagine, were motivated to purchase Weed De Luxe for their “old man,” especially when the pair of chains came packaged in a holly-themed Christmas bag printed with the perfect yuletide greeting, “For a Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year.”

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