First published May 7, 2015 in Old Cars Weekly


Is there any nobler image of unbridled power than a panorama of a thousand wild horses stampeding across open savannahs?
You might agree there isn’t after viewing this commercial art masterpiece showcased in a two-page Chrysler advertisement from the Sept. 1, 1947 Life magazine.

Depicting a charging sea of muscular mustangs galloping forward at lightning speed, the artist captured in paint the earth shaking and thunderous roar created by the 40 thousand hoofs of free-roaming horses.

This metaphor of elegant equines and Chrysler engines was not lost on viewers of this ad, not with the inclusion of the word “power” repeated three times alongside a rendering of the 114 hp “Spitfire” six cylinder, with “more horsepower than you can imagine using…more actual horsepower than you will ever need.”

Chrysler also offered a 135 hp eight cylinder that year, and depending on engine, there was a standard gear box, Fluid Drive and hydraulically operated M5 transmissions.

Other ads for the ’47 Chrysler promoted safety rim wheels, Safe-guard hydraulic brakes, and the exclusive Full-Flow filter that cleansed every drop of oil for smoother performance and longer engine life.

All that modern technology was wrapped up in pleasing bodies with eloquent model names that included Royal, Windsor, Saratoga, New Yorker, Imperial and Town and Country, especially the TC Custom Club Coupe.

That was the Chrysler beauty with station wagon utility combined with custom-body two-door coupe styling, white ash/mahogany panel trim, and those pictured stallions under the hood, making the Custom Club Coupe an enviable automobile to have owned 70 years ago.

Maybe even more today!

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