First published July 7, 2016 in Old Cars Weekly

1947 CROSLEY & MACY’S AD – By: M. J. Frumkin

An advertisement from Monday, August 23, 1946, announced the arrival of the 1947 Crosley automobile to the Macy’s flagship store in New York City. Additional promotion material stated that the ‘47 Crosley cars were delivered from the factory in Cincinnati to New York by airplane at La Guardia Field, and then driven under their own power to Macy’s.

The selling of this diminutive car at a department store seemed a natural, as the manufacturer was already merchandising its Crosley brand appliances and TV sets at the retail location.  Patrons and curiosity seekers could take an elevator to the ninth floor, were the Crosleys were displayed near the refrigerators.

Many questioned the car’s size and passenger room.  The stores sales staff, as this ad, informed the public that the Crosley car was designed around Powel Crosley himself, who stood 6 feet. 4 inches, so it could transport “four husky adults” in comfort, with plenty of leg-room.” The 1,150-lbs. Crosley zipped around via a 26.5-hp water-cooled four-cylinder engine that reached a top speed of 65 mph, and averaged 36 to 40 miles on a gallon of gasoline. The price was $853.58 delivered at Macy’s, plus New York’s 2 percent sales tax. This gave the Crosley the title of being the only car in the “lower-than-low-priced field.”

When questions arose about vehicle maintenance, consumers were informed that the Crosley could be serviced at a minimum of seven dealer locations in the metropolitan area, including Fine Cars, Inc. 1171 Madison Avenue, Manhattan.

And unlike its other merchandise, Macy’s make it clear that they couldn’t take mail or phone orders for the Crosley.

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