First published December 18, 2014 in Old Cars Weekly

1948 NASH CHRISTMAS AD – By: M. J. Frumkin

Christmas presents come in many forms, including some with 16-inch rubber tires.

Case-in-point: the gift-wrapped 1948 Nash in this full-page magazine ad from December 1947.

One fortunate “darling” received a lipstick-red Nash Custom four-door sedan as her holiday gift.

This was in an age when most men were the bread-winners and women tended to the home and little ones, so it’s natural to assume that the car and greeting card in this ad were from husband to wife.

The text indicates that this big-hearted “Santa,” who we’ll call John, wanted to find something for his better half that was, “as gay and dashing and wonderful as you.”

Furthermore, John admitted that before delivering the beautiful Nash, he put several miles on the odometer “sailing over Schoolhouse Hill,” and splashed a little mud on the wheels because, “I’m human!”

He further confesses that the ’48 Nash is, “the sweetest-running car I ever had my hands on. It rides like sheer velvet.”

As a good provider and protector, John knew that the “48 Nash  was constructed with a single, welded unit body-and-frame; could transport six, six-footers plus their entire luggage, and squeeze 25 plus miles out of a gallon of gasoline.

One of the top features he points out to the Missus was the button on the dash for the “Weather Eye,” which would keep the air fresh, clean and heated to perfection so she didn’t even need a coat.

But not to worry, husband John assures his wife, for although this four-door Nash 600 looks extravagant, “you’ll be enjoying it ‘til the kids grow up.”

Happy holidays to all, and may you find a Nash under your tree this Christmas!!

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