First published July 30, 2019 in Old Cars Weekly

1953 LINCOLN CAPRI AD – By: M.J. Frumkin

To highlight the new motoring features on the 1953 Lincoln, FoMoCo’s advertising staff created a comprehensive composite photo. At the center of the image was the Lincoln Capri two-door hardtop, with optional 15-inch tires white sidewall tires.

Directly behind it sat the V-205 V-8, with, you guessed, it 205 horsepower. Declared America’s most powerful car, the Lincoln’s 317.5-cubic-inch engine was pictured connected to the Dual-Range Hydra-Matic transmission.

With that engine and transmission, Lincoln proclaimed 0-to-60 mph in 12 seconds, and performance that contributed to it sweeping the first four places in the Mexican Pan-American Race.

The shapely foot and high-heel shoe touching the pendulum-type pedal signified power brakes, and the seated lady showed how a single finger on the push-button control powers the world’s first four-way elevator seat. It not only moved back and forth, but up and down, too.

A woman’s hand on the steering wheel in the lower left was used to emphasize the Lincoln’s power steering.

All three of the power accessories mentioned above were optional at extra cost.

At the very bottom of the page was a small round medallion that commemorates, “Lincoln – crowning achievement in the fine car field for Ford Motor Company’s 50th Anniversary.”

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