First published January 16, 2014 in Old Cars Weekly


Oldsmobile’s snappy slogan, “The Unmistakable One,” succinctly summed the distinctive design, grand new proportions and trend-setting features that were the 1971 Olds Toronado.

The larger-than-life Body by Fisher on the Foster and Kleiser outdoor advertisement shown here illustrated how Toronado “clearly states its own proud individuality – and yours.

Beneath its beauty and elegance, the ’71 Toronado housed a new full-frame chassis, longer wheelbase, exclusive Supershocks, “G-Ride” system and improved front-wheel drive performance for obedient traction at all times: in rain, snow, ice, mud or sand.

An added bonus of front-wheel drive was the lack of drive shaft and rear differential, which meant a totally “ door to door ” flat floor. Driver and passengers experienced “deep silence – deeper comfort” in finely tailored, sag-proof seating.

For 1971, the Toronado’s trunk was increased to 14.2 cubic feet, making it one of the largest in the personal luxury car segment. Exclusive to Toronado was a second high-level set of stop and turn lamps, and while other Olds models offered a vinyl roof, only Toronado had  a ‘padded” vinyl top covering.

A first on the ’71 Tornado was the electric window defogger with fine heating filaments imbedded in the rear glass, and below the window, on the deck lid, were louvers that were part of GM’s new Flo-Thru cabin ventilation system.

With all of the above features matched with Toronado’s 350-hp 455-cid Rocket V-8 engine and Turbo Hydra-matic 400 transmission, you can see why Oldsmobile for 1971 was “Always A Step Ahead.”

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