1978 Chevrolet Corvette 25th

First published July 1, 2010 in Old Cars Weekly

1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 25th Anniversary Billboard – By: M.J. Frumkin

In celebration of Corvette’s 25th Anniversary during 1978, Chevrolet released a special collector edition package of the two-seat sports car.

Although every ’78 Corvette featured special front and rear emblems commemorating a quarter of a century of production, the anniversary two-tone paint scheme was a $399 option.

When this paint treatment was dictated, the upper body color was silver metallic with charcoal silver on lower body. Pinstripes accentuated upper fender profiles, wheel openings, front fender vents, hood features and rear license cavity.

Nationwide billboards featured the 25th Anniversary edition in profile, accentuating the return to a fastback roofline and wraparound rear window on all ’78 Vettes.
The sleeker roof design not only enhanced the car’s silhouette, but expanded the interior luggage room from 7.8 to 8.4 cubic feet. There was now space inside for storage of the removable roof panels.

A unique offer from Chevy to Corvette fans was the availability of a poster version of the outdoor advertisement. But this was no ordinary-size wall art.

For $11.50 per poster, you would’ve received 12 “easy-to-assemble” sheets which, when put together, would have measured about 21 feet wide and about 10 feet high.
Car buffs had till March 31, 1978, to mail in their order.

Along with the 25th anniversary model, there was another reason for Chevy to celebrate in 1978: For the first time in the Indianapolis Speedway history, a Corvette was selected as the pace car. To celebrate this honor, Chevrolet made available black-and-silver Limited Edition Indy Pace Car replicas.

Since 1978, the Corvette has gone on to pace the race nine more times, creating a total of 10 Indy Pace Cars and counting.

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