First published: July 12, 2012 in Old Cars Weekly

1978 DODGE MAGNUM GT – By: M.J. Frumkin

You gotta love the headline in this ad for the 1978 Dodge Magnum GT: “Ever wonder what happened to the kid that used to burn up 11th Street?”

Anyone growing up devoted to cars and who has done a little hot rodding around their own local community during high school or junior college years can relate to that question. And although it may not have been called “11th St.” in your town, we all had a favorite roadway where cars would match up against each other for bragging rights, and sometimes vehicle titles.

The kid mentioned in this February 1978 Road & Track magazine ad was Bruce Lietzke, who grew up to became a famous American golf pro. After “burning” up 11th St. in Dallas, Lietzke gave up street racing and made some real dough by winning the 1977 Tucson Open and 1977 Hawaiian Open.

It made him the fifth leading money winner on the ’77 official PGA tour. Lietzke is not only a great golfer, but a true gearhead whose favorite athlete is Don “Big Daddy” Garlits.

Along with his then brand new T-top Magnum GT, Lietzke also owned the wicked 1970 Plymouth Barracuda hardtop posed in the background. The ad’s text explains that the ’78 Magnum GT Package “is distinguished in appearance, even from the Magnum XE,” by color-keyed fender-flares, and special 15×7 wide road wheels with 15-in. Aramid fiber-belted white-letter radial tires.

“And by interior touches unique to the GT alone.”

It goes on to suggest that you check out the Magnum GT at your Dodge dealer to buy or lease “the excitement you’ve been missing in most modern automobiles.

“Mother Mopar wouldn’t let you down.”

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