By: M.J. Frumkin

On June 17, 2014, the first two dozen examples of "Vintage Ad of the Week" by M.J. Frumkin were posted on this website.

Currently, there are 137 historic ads and billboards uploaded for your enjoyment.

This website is an extension of my contributions to the Vintage Ad of the Week column in Old Cars Weekly. That publication prints the column in black and white, so a bonus to this site is the ability to show the color ads in their full glory.

Old Cars Weekly editor, Angelo Van Bogart, knew of my books on automotive advertising, including:
Muscle Car Mania (1981), Son of Muscle Car Mania (1982) and Classic Muscle Car Advertising (2002).

Van Bogart invited me to be a regular contributor, with complete freedom to select and write about the interesting and unusual automotive-related billboards, magazine and newspaper advertisements.

Since 2007, Old Cars Weekly has featured more than 350 of my vintage automotive-related ads with captions. That number continues to grow.

Each of the vintage ad and billboard images have been scanned at a high-resolution setting and then carefully restored. Blemishes, creases, rips and age-related fading have been reversed in an effort to return the artwork and text to their original pristine condition when first view by the public.
Accompanying each advertisement is a 200-250-word caption that I've composed specifically about that particular piece, which includes additional manufacturer information not contained in that ad; cultural references within the piece, plus my own observations.

Your comments are positively welcomed. Check back each week to see the latest installments to Vintage Ad Of The Week by M.J. Frumkin.

Also, try your luck/knowledge on automotive trivia by clicking on the "Vintage Quiz" button.
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