Vintage Quiz 20

Vintage Quiz 9
Mustang Memories offers historic images and six questions to test your knowledge on the original pony car.

1. Ford’s first Mustang was an instant sales success after its debut at the New York World’s Fair. By Christmas of that same year, even kid-size editions flew off the shelves.

Which calendar year did Mustang production models celebrated their first Christmas?

What was the advertised price for the pedal-powered “Midget Mustang?”

2. Coming off the assembly line is the first of the limited-edition 20th anniversary Mustangs. Standing next to the Turbo GT three-door hatchback are UAW auto workers Frances Jones and Don Johnson.

What year did Ford Celebrate Mustang’s 20th birthday?

How many convertible and hatchback anniversary editions were built?

3. During the 1970s Arab oil embargo, Ford offered a smaller, more economical Mustang II, including a one-year-only “Stallion” sports package.

What single model year was the Mustang II Stallion offered?

A rather anemic 5.0-liter V-8 didn’t provide the Mustang II Stallion with much of a kick. What was the horsepower rating?

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