Mixed-up Mustang

Uncle Norman ran a salvage yard, which allowed him the opportunity to rescue vintage vehicles from the crusher. He even rebuilt a few rides for his own transportation, including the featured Ford Mustang. That’s my Aunt Ethel in costume standing behind the car. Since Uncle Norm had free reign to rummage through the acres of vehicles being parted-out, he was able to piece together the V-8 “Stang.” Can you match the correct model year to the numbered parts?
Vintage Quiz 45

2 thoughts on “Mixed-up Mustang

  1. Hi Mitch. Well, I somehow ended up with 100% on the Mixed-Up Mustang quiz. But, that aside, sure want to thank you for the Chicago Auto Show program and articles. I still find the shows pretty interesting, but the new cars much less so. They all look alike! And they’re all white, silver or black. What happened to coral and cream?

    Hope you and Vivi and the family are doing well. And hope to get together again somewhere, sometime soon. Best, Rex

    • Rex, Great hearing from you, and glad you enjoyed the 2016 CAS program guide. Hope you’re having a Happy Easter. Keep in touch.

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